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Similan /Tachai

For the word "Similan" is a Malay or Jawi means nine or nine islands of the Similan Islands, a small archipelago. In the Andaman Sea, with a total of nine islands sorted from north to south, including islands, Hu Yong Island Spa Island Spa Bayan Ko Miang (with two sticks together) island forest island skull (Bon Island) Koh Similan Islands. snakes have Similan Islands National Park. Complementing the island because the island with fresh water.These islands have been hailed as the island's beauty, both on land and underwater. Water that maintains the integrity of the sea. Diving can be both shallow and deep water. There are many kinds of colorful coral. Rare and colorful fish such as manta rays, whales, dolphins, eels, clownfish rail.

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